Garvuino’s new friend (VRA8-N)

Ryo Ishigaki is developping several marvellous digital synth for Arduino. In this article, I will shortly describe how to use one of them with Garvuino : the VRA8-N !

First, upload the sketch /arduino_sketches/others/vra8-n-mono_7/DigitalSynthVRA8N/DigitalSynthVRA8N.ino

Then, load the following kernel module :

modprobe snd-virmidi

Download hairless-midi, launch it and setup the appropriate connections :

Hairless midi

Launch Chrome or Chromium and load /arduino_sketches/others/vra8-n-mono_7/vra8-n-ctrl.html and setup the appropriate connection :

Connect MIDI OUT to Rt-Input

You should get some sound coming out of the Garvuino when some notes are pressed on the synth webpage.

On my side, as I’m using Garvuino 1.09, the D6 pin is kind of broken so I had to extract the Arduino Nano from the socket and setup a direct connection between D6 and AY>L right pin.

Small hack 🙂

You can then connect a midi keyboard to Rt-Input and have fun. For example, you can create a midi track in Ardour and connect it to Rt-Input.

Ardour MIDI out connection

Here is a small example with some presets :

Direct output from Garvuino (no FX)

Thanks Garvalf and Ryo Ishigaki !

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