Garvuino TRACK

This musical hack has been created on Garvuino !

Several Arduino libraries have been used :

Librazik and Ardour was used to aggregate the whole stuff.

  • Some lv2 plugins :
  • EQ10Q Mono
  • A-compressor
  • MVerb
  • Roomy

All the sounds where directly recorded from Garvuino except 4 samples (the famous “Speak and Spell” melodies)

A screenshot of the Ardour session :

And here is the result !

Concerning the speech synthesis, as mentionned earlier, talkie was used. It is a software implementation of the Texas Instruments speech synthesis architecture (TMS5220 for example). This chip was used, among others, in the “Speak & Spell” (a famous toy from the 80s).

Here is the workflow :

The original audio file are coming from g–gle translate and then recorded and normalized in Audacity (the file is mono and has the following specifications : RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 8000 Hz. I add to extract the Nano from Garvuino as it’s using the digital PIN3 which is not available on Garvuino 1.09 (Nano PIN3 has to be plugged on the right PIN of AY>L).

Then it was converted with python_wizard and integrated into the .c, .h and .ino

./python_wizard -S -f arduino thismusic.wav

Here is an example :

Original file
Rendered file

Some sounds of the talkie librarie were also used :

3210 engine on !

Thanks to the developpers for the cool software and to Garvalf for the help and Garvuino board !

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