T.T.L. : New band / 1st EP

During the summer of 2020, I discovered TECHNOTITE.JP, a cool japanese band.
Since then, I have regularly bought albums from them.

I love this Japanese band who produce interesting techno pop music.
It was created in 2018 and is made up of 2 talented musicians.

More information about Dorayaki Taro and Halcyon can be found on their official website.

In September 2023, they produced a new album which I really liked and I took the opportunity to send them a congratulatory email.
They responded very kindly and quickly. A few days later, one of them even bought me an album!

At the same time, they offered me a collaboration. I really liked the idea so I quickly accepted.
Exchanging with people from a different culture is very exciting for me, especially when there is a certain musical convergence.

So we decided to swap a few songs and after a few months, here we are!

It all begins and ends with the computer.
Our name is “T.T.L.” “(Time to live)” a unit of three cross-border musicians.

You can listen to the EP !

An alternative version of the album is even available on Halcyon’s or Dorayaki Taro’s bandcamp !

They worked much harder than me on this album and are much better musicians and technicians than me.

They really pushed me forward and made me want to do better!

I hope that the collaboration between us will not stop there!

Hello to them !


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