Librazik 3 RELEASED !

Edit: This article was originally written in December 2018 but I have republished it because Librazik 3 has been released !

A long time ago, I have started hacking music on Linux with the Gentoo pro-audio overlay. Then, for various reason, I had no time for music anymore. 5 years ago, I have started over. In the meantime, the Linux audio landscape has changed a lot, so, I have decided to switch over to Ubuntu Mate and the Kxstudio repo.

Falktx is really doing a huge job for the Linux audio community, so, I have nothing to say against kxstudio !

2 years ago, I have decided to have a try at Librazik (at the time, It was Librazik 2).

The cool things :

  • The community : nice people, irc channel, bug tracking system, documentation
  • The huge amount of software ! Many of them are not included in others distributions
  • The distribution and the kernel are optimized for audio

Installing the distribution (which is going on top of Debian Buster) is a bit more difficult than setting an Ubuntu based distribution but as long as you follow and read the documentation properly, it’s fine !

A huge amount of software !

When you look at Librazik website, the distribution really seems to be designed for french speakers but it’s also perfectly working in English.

Olivier “trebmuh aka olinuxx” Humbert and Sub26nico are doing an impressive job ! The community (which I’m now part of) is also really cool !

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  1. sub26nico
    December 20, 2018

    Nice article bro’. Cheers

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