synthfest nantes 2018

The SynthFest is a great event that occurs every year in Nantes (France). The  program is huge (demonstrations, concerts and workshops). You can meet a incredible amount of great people and play around with lots of legendary synths !

Special greetings to Frédéric Gerchambeau ! We have spent a few hours together and he has provided me lots of information about modular synths and music in general !

I don’t remember what this one was….
Same thing for this one 🙂
The famous Minimoog
And the famous Prophet-5 !
Yves Usson (Microbrute, Minibrute design…), Philippe Brodu (vice-president SynthFest) and Frédéric Meslin (Minibrute, Waldorf…)
Olivier Briand (SynthFest France) and Michel Geiss (he used to work with JM Jarre)
Johannes Schmoelling (Tangerine Dream !)  and Kurt Ader
Coralie Ehinger and her theremin

It was really a great event ! I will definitely attend to the next edition in June 2019 !

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