A COOL dist : Librazik

A long time ago, I have started hacking music on Linux with the Gentoo pro-audio overlay. Then, for various reason, I had no time for music anymore. 3 years ago, I have started over. In the meantime, the Linux audio landscape has changed a lot so I have decided to switch over to Ubuntu Mate and the Kxstudio repo.

Falktx is really doing a huge job for the Linux audio community, so, I have nothing to say against kxstudio !

A few months ago, I have decided to have a try at Librazik.

The cool things :

  • The community : nice people, irc channel, bug tracking system, documentation
  • The huge amount of software ! Many of them are not included in others distributions
  • The kernel is optimized for audio

Installing the distribution (which is based on a Debian Stretch) is a bit more difficult than setting an Ubuntu based distribution but as long as you follow and read the documentation properly, it’s fine.

A huge amount of software !

When you look at Librazik website, the distribution really seems to be designed for french speakers but it’s also perfectly working in English.

You should definitely have a try through the Livecd ! I have even composed some tracks on a persistent live USB.

Olivier “trebmuh aka olinuxx” Humbert and the community are doing an impressive job !

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  1. sub26nico
    December 20, 2018

    Nice article bro’. Cheers

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